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NEW AUG 2017
We're now a Certified Toll Free Service Provider which means great rates on service and the ability to quickly and easily move your existing toll free number to AcroVoice.
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Residential subscribers who refer friends and family may qualify for a 50¢ monthly discount.
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Residential Home Phone Service
Your Canadian VoIP Service Provider

Get even more use out of your high-speed Internet connection with AcroVoice Residential VoIP Phone Service. No matter who you call, how long you talk or where they are, AcroVoice has a calling plan for you. With AcroVoice you'll enjoy features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling and Advanced Voicemail. Talk more, pay less and do more with your phone.

Included Features Just-A-Phone Plan Home Town Plan Call Anyone, Anywhere Plan
Monthly Rate (Canadian Dollars)
10.95 17.95 25.95
One-time Setup & Shipping Charge
14.95 14.95 10.95
Cancellation or Plan Change Fee
none none none
Keep Your Current Number
Caller ID with Name
Your name will display when you call others within Canada
Anonymous Caller Block
Send toll free callers and blocked numbers directly to voicemail
Autodialer Blocker
Require first time callers to press a key before ringing your phone
Caller Reputation & Automatic Blocking
Annoying scammers and telemarketers may be automatically directed to voicemail
Email Notification of VM
Listen to your voicemail messages anywhere you check your email
SMS Notification of VM
Receive a notification on your cell phone when a voice message is received
Transcription of VM
A written transcription of your voice messages are included in the email notification
Receive text messages
Receive text messages to your home number by email
Send text messages
Send text messages to any Canadian or US mobile phone
2¢ each 2¢ each 1¢ each
Call Forwarding Options
Call Forward Parallel, No Answer, and Transfer From Voicemail
Unlisted Number at No Extra Charge
Or choose to be listed in the phone book and directory assistance at no charge
CRTC Compliant 9-1-1 Service
Emergency services operators will have your last known street address
Minute Averaging 2  
Included Talk Time (Monthly) 350 minutes Unlimited local + 300 minutes long distance Unlimited Canada/US
No long distance charges to most of
Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, US
Additional minutes 3.9 cents 1.9 cents FREE
411 Directory Assistance 99¢ per use 99¢ per use 49¢ per use
Call Waiting
3 Way Calling  
Virtual Phone Number
A local number from another city allows callers to avoid long distance
$4.95 monthly $3.95 monthly ONE INCLUDED
iNum Access
No charge calling between iNum subscribers
Hardware Replacement Program
Covers accidental damage to VoIP hardware3
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Additional Facts to Consider
  • High Speed Internet Access is required
  • Unlike many other providers, you can be listed in the phone book
  • Learn more about AcroVoice Approved VoIP Hardware
  • Never pay a fee to upgrade or downgrade your service plan
  • No cancellation fees and no contracts

1 High Speed Internet service is required but not included. International calls to mobile phones and to countries not listed are billed at additional per minute rates. Service will not function during a power or broadband service outage and may not compatible with all home or office security systems. Taxes not included. Due to the nature of Voice over IP, AcroVoice's 9-1-1 Service has some important limitations. Emergency services will not be available if there is an Internet or power outage. Quality of emergency calls cannot be guaranteed and the emergency services operator may not know your address. Please read "Important Info and FAQs" for important information about 9-1-1 Emergency Dialing. Other restrictions may apply.

2 Unused minutes from the previous two months can be used to offset overages for the current month.

3 A new AcroVoice Upgrade Kit will be provided in the event that the current device is accidentially damaged due to no fault of the end user. Alternatively a credit of similar value to the AcroVoice Upgrade Kit can be applied towards the replacement of any other device. Limit one replacement per eighteen month period. Subscriber is responsible for shipping the damaged device back to AcroVoice.

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