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NEW AUG 2017
We're now a Certified Toll Free Service Provider which means great rates on service and the ability to quickly and easily move your existing toll free number to AcroVoice.
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Residential subscribers who refer friends and family may qualify for a 50¢ monthly discount.
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Residential Service Reference Guide

Voice Mail
Access *98 Voicemail can also be accessed remotely from another phone by calling your own number and pressing * during your greeting.

Autodialer Blocker Bypass
Activate *97 When Autodialer Blocker is enabled, allow the next call to ring through without a challenge. Helpful when expecting an automated callback or a two factor authentication code.

Block Caller ID
Per Call *67 Your name and phone number will not be displayed to the next party you call. Calls to toll free numbers and 911 will still see your number.

Continuous Redial
Activate *66Cancel *86 When the last dialled number is busy, keep trying to call it until it's no longer busy. Your phone will ring when the call can go through. Automatically deactivates after 30 minutes if it's still busy.

Data or Fax Call
Per Call *99 If your alarm system, satellite TV receiver, or any non-voice device needs to place a call, this code should be dialled before the number to improve reliability.

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