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NEW AUG 2017
We're now a Certified Toll Free Service Provider which means great rates on service and the ability to quickly and easily move your existing toll free number to AcroVoice.
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Residential subscribers who refer friends and family may qualify for a 50¢ monthly discount.
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Residential Packages
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Service Subscription
  Option Monthly Rate
Just-A-Phone Plan - 350 minutes1 10.95
The Home Town Plan - Unlimited local + 300 minutes long distance 17.95
Call Anyone, Anywhere Plan - Unlimited US/Canada 25.95

Choose Hardware
  Device Rental Plan2 Buy Now
AcroVoice Upgrade Kit - Obihai OBi302 12 x 5.49 59.95
Yealink Cordless IP Phone (1 Handset) 12 x 17.82 199.95
Yealink Cordless IP Phone (2 Handsets) 18 x 20.33 329.95
Yealink Cordless IP Phone (3 Handsets) 24 x 22.03 459.95
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  • Please note GST/HST is in addition to the advertised prices. High speed Internet access is required and associated service charges are not included. International calls are billed at additional per-minute rates. Service will not function during a power or broadband service outage and is not guaranteed to be compatible with home or office security systems.
  • Usage must be consistent with normal residential use for one household. AcroVoice reserves the right to monitor the usage rates of accounts for possible abuse of service. Any accounts using more minutes than what AcroVoice considers normal residential use may be investigated and may lead to termination of service.

1 Some unused minutes from the previous two months can be used to offset overages for the current month.

2 The hardware you choose will be rented to you at the rate indicated. After the indicated number of payments, the hardware will be sold to you for $1.00. The hardware must be returned to AcroVoice in good working condition if service is cancelled prior to the last rental payment being made.

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