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NEW AUG 2017
We're now a Certified Toll Free Service Provider which means great rates on service and the ability to quickly and easily move your existing toll free number to AcroVoice.
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Residential subscribers who refer friends and family may qualify for a 50¢ monthly discount.
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Basic Requirements

  • High Speed Internet connection
  • No computer necessary and no software to install - as long as you have high speed Internet, our service works completely independent from your computer

AcroVoice Upgrade Kit
Inexpensive, easy-to-install and simple-to-use
The AcroVoice Upgrade Kits are devices that connect standard telephones to the Internet. These devices are manufactured by Cisco and are the most cost effective means to switch to AcroVoice. Both models of our upgrade kit support two independent phone lines, so adding an additional line for a home business or fax machine has never been easier.

Just plug in the power supply, plug in your phone, and connect it to your broadband line. Your AcroVoice Upgrade Kit does the rest of the work automatically. You'll hear a dial tone and be ready to make calls right away.

AcroVoice provisions and tests all equipment before shipping it out. Your phone number is already configured prior to shipping. This ensures your installation is easy and your calls will be of the highest quality.

No Additional Equipment Required
With the AcroVoice Upgrade Kit, individuals and companies are able to protect and extend their past investments in telephones, conference speakerphones and fax machines as well as control their migration to IP with an extremely affordable, incremental investment.

Great for Travellers
Take your Phone Adapter with you when you travel. Use it anywhere in the world where you have a high-speed Internet connection and bring all your features with you. No more expensive long distance rates when you call home from the hotel. While you are on the road, enjoy the same dialing rates as you would if you made the call from home.

For example, let's say that you live in Victoria and bring your Phone Adapter on a trip to Hong Kong. With AcroVoice you can call your next-door neighbour from Hong Kong and it's priced like a local domestic call. This is also true when your neighbor calls you. So it's very convenient for people dialing you, and it's extra easy on your wallet too.

Want to keep your existing telephone number?
In most cases, phone numbers from other local providers can be transferred to AcroVoice. Please confirm we support Local Number Portability in your area with our Service Availability Checker.

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